Barrie guitar virtuoso releases his debut CD

Multi-award winning classical guitarist, Tim Beattie has been playing the guitar since 2000 when he was just three and knew it was his destiny by age eight. He has gone on to win more than 40 awards and scholarships including “Most Promising Youth” at the 2016 Barrie Arts Awards, first prize at the 2016 James Stroud All-Ohio Guitar Competition, first place at the 2013 Guitare Montreal youth competition, placing first at the Junior Rose Bowl as part of the 2015 Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival and the 2016 Alban Honours Award in Guitar from the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Beattie has been studying the recording process and how to write his own music under the guidance of Johannes Möller at the Royal Conservatory in Amsterdam.

Featuring his own written music, his debut CD, Of Spectra, is a direct result of that education and the impact of his studies at the Dutch conservatory. The album goes beyond the classical music genre to combining a variety of musical influences. Beattie describes it as a combination of ambient music on a classical guitar with electric sounds and layered guitar tracks.

Of Spectra is available on Band Camp, Bohemia, iTunes and Spotify. For further info, visit

Image taken from Tim Beattie’s Facebook page.

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