The budget expected to be approved by City of Barrie councillors next week is one largely geared to maintaining existing service levels and the increasing costs involved. Still, the draft budget, which has already been scrutinized at the committee level, will see some tangible capital expenditures that will be paid for by the tax rate and other municipal revenue streams.

Work on the Barrie-Simcoe Emergency Campus, the facility that will house police, fire and paramedic services, will continue to completion, at a cost of $92 million. Other capital projects also in store include the creation of a year-round downtown market, city hall expansion, downtown library renovations and fire stations.

Other major expenditures include the Harvie Rd. crossing at Highway 401, replacement of downtown sidewalks and reconstruction of sections of Mapleview Dr. E.

At this stage of the process, the proposed property tax increase stands at 2.75 per cent. For a home assessed at the $334,000 average, taxes will go up $114 this year to a level of about $4,250.

Photo courtesy of the City of Barrie


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