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Natural hormone balance

By Shana Daniel, RHN Feeling tired, cranky, anxious or any other undesirables? It’s possible your hormones may be swinging left and right including up and down.  Not only are they responsible for menacing teenage behaviour or hot flashes in women, they affect almost every function in children, adolescents, adult men and women.  You’re thinking, time to get them back on track naturally? Here’s how.  *Fruit and veggie fibre boost. A low fibre diet impedes hormones from their optimal function. It sweeps away debris and toxins from our digestive tract. *Use natural sweetness instead of refined sugar. Your body digests...

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Don’t sugar coat it

by Shana Daniel, RHN While sugar and spice make everything nice, after 31 days of December indulgence, it’s most likely the last ingredient we want to think about in our New Year. When it comes to sugar, we have mixed notions of whether it’s okay in moderation, downright poisonous or acceptably sweet as a chemical alternative. Natural sugars exist in virtually all you consume. Fruits and vegetables, starches, both solids and liquids contain it. The question is where the nutrient density lies in the choices made to incorporate it into your daily regimen. Your body breaks down proteins and...

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Tottenham — Remembrance Day

  Private Ambrose Gunning, about 28 years old, son of an Irish Catholic farmer, single and a wagon driver from Tottenham, was among the first to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force at the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. More than 66,000 Canadians lost their lives in that war. Private Ambrose Gunning was one. The Second Battle of Ypres became infamous for its major use of poison gas. The battle began on April 21, 1915. During the next four days, in its first major encounter with the enemy, the Canadian Expeditionary Force suffered over 6,000 casualties. Gunning...

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Keep your body in top shape

The word “convenience” is one we’re all familiar with. As multitaskers in any capacity of life, we generally look and strive to be our optimal best with as little work as possible. The world of supplementation offers promises of a new you, with the potential to reach heights of undiscovered platforms your body is waiting for you to take on. From costly lotions and potions to obscenely expensive gastronomic creations, we all fall into that crevice of justification at some time or another. It may be time to uncover some truths, lurking questions you’ve been wondering about when you’re...

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Illuminate Barrie

The Illuminate Barrie Festival will be an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss. Ignite your passion for our country at this one-of-a-kind celebration along Barrie’s Ignite your passion for our country at this one-of-a-kind celebration along Barrie’s waterfront on Labour Day weekend. This family-friendly event will include live entertainment, distinctly Canadian foods and activities, local producers and vendor market, a heritage village, and breathtaking Canada 150 themed fireworks choreographed to music. Enjoy inflatables and family activities. You can even scale to new heights on a 25-foot rock climbing wall. Take a journey back in time to explore life in the 19th century. You will...

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