Author: Jeff Jones

Mindi Abair comes to play for Barrie

Most who dream of a career in music have fantasies of stardom and celebrity. Mindi Abair simply wanted to keep playing. Chasing music and not fame has led her to one of the most diverse and impressive music careers that one might imagine. “As a kid growing up playing music, I just knew that I loved to play,” says saxophonist, singer and bandleader Mindi Abair. “I didn’t think about what it would look like or where I would be. I just took every chance to do what I loved.” Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers play the Five Points Theatre in...

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Rick Mercer is bringing Canada to Barrie.

TV host and comedian Rick Mercer is a Canadian treasure, with emphasis on the Canadian part. That’s made perfectly clear when you ask him about his importance to Canadians.  “If any one out there is doing that kind of thinking,” Mercer says flatly, “They should probably give their head a shake.” His characteristic modesty notwithstanding, Mercer is the rarest of Canadian performers; one that both celebrates Canada and remains here. He brings Canada: Coast to Coast to Coast, his latest one-man performance, to the Georgian Theatre on May 8. “The live show is very much related to my TV...

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TV legend takes the Georgian stage

Television icon and winner of seven Emmys, Ed Asner is bringing his new play, A Man and His Prostate, to the Georgian Theatre. Asner is a legendary presence onstage and on screen. His career of more than 60 years has been recognized with 16 Emmy nominations, five Golden Globe Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actor’s Guild. Most recently, Asner is perhaps best known as the voice of Carl Fredericton in the Oscar-winning Pixar movie Up. Before that, he’s played some of the most watched characters on television on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant,...

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Johnny Cash tribute plays Five Points

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” The legendary baritone began every performance with that simple self-introduction and somehow it reveals something far deeper than four words should. Johnny Cash was, and is, a legendary figure in music for many reasons. His music speaks of sorrow, morality and redemption; yet somehow it has given joy and hope to several generations of music lovers. Despite his uncommon humility and that calm, baritone voice; Cash’s life was marked by almost melodramatic highs and lows. His discovery by Sam Phillips at Sun Studios in Memphis, his brush with fame as country’s anti-Elvis, fighting chemical dependency...

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Buddy Wasisname brings the funny and the folk on their last tour.

You could be forgiven for not knowing who Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers are. Despite being an enduring and uniquely Canadian touring musical comedy troupe, their career has never been flashy or front page news. Instead, they have steadfastly brought joy, traditional music and belly laughs to thousands and thousands of Canadians for 35 years. “In the beginning we were an oddity, a curiosity and it took a while for people to clue into our style,” says Wayne Chaulk, one of the Other Fellers. “After all those years, thousands of shows, 20 recordings, television appearances and five concert...

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