Annual Orillia fire hydrant inspection program underway

The City of Orillia is conducting its annual fire hydrant inspection program to flush, drain and test all municipally-owned fire hydrants.

The preventive maintenance measure is necessary to ensure the hydrants are functional if they’re needed by the Orillia Fire Department during the winter months. Under normal circumstances, the complete procedure takes no longer than 15 minutes per hydrant. Approximately 30 hydrants are completed per day.

City officials advise that advance notice to the public concerning exact work locations cannot feasibly be provided. The inspections will start in the central core of the city and work to the outer limits. During the flushing operation, low pressure and/or red-coloured water may result. If it occurs, this situation will only be temporary. The discoloured water is not hazardous but, if detected, the public is requested to simply turn on their cold water taps and flush in order to clear the system.

The program began on Sept. 4 and will take approximately six weeks to complete.

Questions can be directed to the environmental services and operations department at 705-329-7249.

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