Ancient peoples subject of Simcoe County Museum exhibit

An exhibit that explores the area where a prehistoric hunt for Caribou took place in Quebec as well as a modern look at an archaeological dig at the site, will be featured at the Simcoe County Museum in May.

The Clovis Exhibit is a travelling display  from Musée Nature Sciences in Sherbrooke, QC and presents a look at the nomadic people who traveled from Maine into the area of Mégantic in Quebec more than 12,000 years ago in search of food in the form of the caribou.

Because of the warming climate and the abundance of food, the hunters established their camps in the area, becoming one of the first peoples to visit what was to become Eastern Canada

Researchers have defined the people as Paleoindian, descendants of the Clovis culture and the interactive exhibit explores the lives of these people, as well as displaying recent excavations that have revealed their traces in forms of tools and weapons.

As well as the Clovis Exhibit, in May the museum will also open 10 of the heritage buildings that are now located on the site for exploration and offer tours of the site on a limited basis each Saturday.

The Simcoe County Museum is located at 1151 Highway 26, in Minesing.

From Barrie, follow Bayfield St. north and exit at Highway 26. The museum is on the south side of the highway.

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